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Executor of Estate or Personal Representative

In many states, someone who oversees the administration of another person’s estate is called the estate executor. Under the Florida probate code, however, this individual is known as a personal representative. Whatever you call it, administering a loved one’s estate is both a great honor and a big responsibility. Whether you were nominated in the decedent’s will or appointed by a judge, our team at The King Firm, PA, is ready to help you fulfill your duties and reduce your stress during this difficult time.

Our experienced and trusted estate administration attorneys have earned a reputation for providing efficient and cost-effective service to personal representatives across Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg and greater Florida. They provide guidance throughout the probate process by answering questions and making recommendations when necessary. Our firm is committed to helping you administer the estate efficiently and cost-effectively while avoiding common mistakes.

We Can Help With The Responsibilities Of Being A Personal Representative

When a person accepts the role of serving as a personal representative, they are taking personal responsibility for the proper settlement of that estate. That includes acting in a fiduciary capacity, which comes with a high standard of care and a duty to always act in the best interests of the estate. Failure to fulfill one’s duties as a personal representative may result in liability toward heirs, creditors and other stakeholders.

Our attorneys realize that this is a big job and that most nonlawyers feel ill-equipped to handle it on their own. The good news is that when you contact The King Firm, PA, we can help you to:

  • Accurately carry out the will’s instructions
  • Find all possible creditors to the estate and resolve the decedent’s debts
  • Evaluate tax-related issues with respect to the estate
  • Ensure the needs of the family with respect to the obligations of the personal representative are handled appropriately

You shouldn’t have to struggle alone in a new and difficult role, especially while also trying to grieve the loss of a loved one. Instead, let our attorneys help you fulfill your legal options and reduce the risk of any personal liability for your work as it relates to the estate.

Get A Free Consultation At The King Firm, PA

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