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A Brief Overview Of Estate Planning

When you get ready to build your estate plan, you probably have some ideas of what you want but no ideas for how to make it happen. There are many options and considerations to creating a solid estate plan – enough to intimidate anyone. But with our lawyers’ help, you can build the plan you want for your family.

At The King Firm, PA, our attorneys help our clients write estate plans. They work with people from Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg and across Florida. They understand the estate planning process backward and forward and bring that highly detailed knowledge to you. Below are some facts that you should know about estate planning before you call us.

An Estate Plan Is Not One Document

Your estate plan will not be just your will. It will have many documents in it that will describe what you want to happen with your assets. You can even craft trusts or rework your deed to make things more simple for your heirs. There will also be many documents in the estate plan that won’t be about your assets at all; they’ll be about you.

Your Estate Plan Guides Your Care

Estate plans include many documents that will declare your preferences for how medical facilities and your family will treat you as you age. You will likely have:

  • Advance medical directives
  • A living will
  • A power of attorney

There may also be extensive plans in place for your Medicare or Medicaid planning as well as nursing home care. These constitute a significant aspect of planning your estate – one that can cause no small amount of difficulty if you don’t plan for them today.

Probate Court Is Nothing To Take Lightly

No matter what your plans for your estate are, you will want to consider your choices with care so that your family will spend as little time in probate as possible. Any area of dispute or lack of clarity can turn a “routine” probate court date into a debacle that may use all of your estate to resolve. And, of course, there are many issues ahead should you pass without a plan in place.

An Estate Plan Is For Everyone

Everyone can – and probably should – have an estate plan. You don’t need to achieve a minimum or maximum for your assets before an estate plan will make a difference. Even if the difference is just showing your family members that you thought about how to make this time easy for them, that will be enough. Reach out to us to learn more about estate planning in a free consultation. Call 888-712-4771 or send an email to get started.