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Understanding the Role of a Personal Representative

In Florida, the person responsible for administrating a deceased individual’s affairs and ensuring their wishes are carried out is known as the personal representative.  In other states this role might be referred to as an executor, and some people use the terms executor and personal representative interchangeably. This role carries significant responsibilities and requires careful attention to detail, organization, and compliance with legal requirements.

Since 2011, the lawyers at The King Firm, PA, have been focused on helping clients get through the probate process and ensure they fulfill their duties as personal representative efficiently. We know the probate process inside and out, and we work hard to simplify each step and alleviate executors’ burdens here in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties as well as throughout the state of Florida.

What Does The Executor Of An Estate Need To Do?

Being an personal representative is an important job. The tasks on your plate include:

  • Locating the will and other important documents related to the estate
  • Initiating the probate process and obtaining a bond
  • Securing the estate’s assets and taking any necessary steps to preserve them
  • Closing the deceased’s accounts and opening new ones for the estate
  • Managing the deceased’s assets, including selling real estate or other property
  • Inventorying the deceased’s assets and obtaining appraisals, where necessary
  • Notifying the deceased’s creditors and settling their debts
  • Preparing the deceased’s final tax returns
  • Locating beneficiaries and communicating with them about the estate

It is important to understand that, as the personal representative of someone’s estate, you have a fiduciary obligation to both the estate and its heirs. In some cases you may have personal liability with respect to things you have done, or failed to do as Personal Representative. That makes it particularly important to have exceptional legal guidance from the start.

Let Us Help You Get Through This Process

At The King Firm, PA, our attorneys are experienced, efficient and more than capable of guiding you through the probate process. Let us help you. Call 888-712-4771 or use our online contact form to schedule your free consultation. We have offices located in Pinellas Park and Tampa for your convenience.