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Laws Of Intestacy

When a person dies without a Last Will and Testament, the Florida Probate Code provides the answers about who will inherit the estate. The set of rules for determining who the heir is are known as the laws of intestacy. Our lawyers will evaluate the family of the deceased to determine who is entitled to inherit and provide guidance throughout the process to ensure that the estate is properly distributed.

Although having a Last Will and Testament to follow ensures that a person’s wishes are fulfilled, the absence of a Last Will and Testament is very common, and our attorneys will make sure that you are not burdened with trying to figure out who will inherit from the estate. At The King Firm, PA, our attorneys are highly experienced and skilled in all aspects of probate law and will help navigate the process and provide you with the peace of mind you need.

With Intestate Succession, Family Members Have No Say Regarding Inheritance

If your loved one died without creating a will, they are said to have died “intestate.” This necessarily means that the estate must go through probate and the estate assets must be distributed according to Florida’s intestate succession laws. You can read more about the specifics of intestate succession on our probate page.

If you are a close family member, you are still likely to inherit. Unfortunately, however, you won’t have a say in the type or value of assets inherited. There may have been things your loved one had promised to you, but the probate court will determine the distribution of assets without regard to verbal agreements or family dynamics.

Now Is The Time To Protect Your Assets And Your Loved Ones

Three of the most common goals in estate planning are to maximize estate assets (by minimizing taxes and other obligations), to clearly identify how and to whom assets are distributed and to greatly simplify estate administration for the decedent’s surviving family members.

If your loved one has already died intestate, you and others can only accept the realities now presented to you. However, it’s not too late to avoid these mistakes with your own estate. Our skilled estate planning attorneys can help you create an estate plan that reflects and honors your final wishes and protects your children, spouse and other intended heirs.

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